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4/10/2022 – 26/09/2023 – Experimental meetings


4/10/2022 - 26/9/2022
The experimental partners of the QuCoM project have been meeting on a regular basis every second Tuesday of the month since the beginning of the project to update on developments of performing magnetic levitation experiments (materials, dimensions, magnetic shielding), design of two-mass gravity experiments, vibration isolation, data acquisition and analysis (electronics, lock-ins), tabulation of trapping parameters to compare different experiments. The agendas of the meetings were roughly as follows: 10:00 Update on ULEI experiments 10:30 Update on UoS experiments 11:00 General discussion about next steps and ideas

Project manager
Irene Spagnul
Department of Physics
University of Trieste


Co-funded by the European Commission’s
Horizon Europe Programme under GA 101046973

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