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Gravity in QuCoM: Project video released

As part of the Dissemination Plan of QuCoM, the Consortium released a project video in May 2024. The scientific question and QuCoM’s approach to addressing this question are central to the video. The video aims to illustrate and communicate that QuCoM is a project testing gravity in a new way. It also explains why gravity needs to be tested and that gravity is not well understood on the small/quantum scale. Additionally, it highlights QuCoM’s approach of using levitated particles and explains the rationale behind this method. The final product is available for all project teams to distribute and disseminate through their channels as a project presentation to the general public, the scientific community and funding agencies potentially interested in financing further research connected to QuCoM.

The video was conceived and created by the Southampton node. Special thanks to Marion Cromb and Jakub Wardak. 


Project manager
Irene Spagnul
Department of Physics
University of Trieste


Co-funded by the European Commission’s
Horizon Europe Programme under GA 101046973

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