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Linear-friction many-body equation for dissipative spontaneous wave-function collapse

Physical Review A 108, 012202 (2023)

Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Matteo Carlesso, Kristian Piscicchia, Catalina Curceanu, Maaneli Derakhshani and Lajos Diósi

We construct and study the simplest universal dissipative Lindblad master equation for many-body systems with the purpose of a new dissipative extension of existing nonrelativistic theories of fundamental spontaneous decoherence and spontaneous wave function collapse in nature. It is universal as it is written in terms of second-quantized mass density ϱ and current J, thus making it independent of the material structure and its parameters. Assuming linear friction in the current, we find that the dissipative structure is strictly constrained. Following the general structure of our dissipative Lindblad equation, we derive and analyze the dissipative extensions of the two most known spontaneous wave function collapse models, the Diósi-Penrose and the continuous spontaneous localization models.


Project manager
Irene Spagnul
Department of Physics
University of Trieste


Co-funded by the European Commission’s
Horizon Europe Programme under GA 101046973

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