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Quantum scrambling via accessible tripartite information

Quantum Science and Technology 8, 035006 (2023)

Gabriele Lo Monaco, Luca Innocenti, Dario Cilluffo, D A Chisholm, Salvatore Lorenzo and G Massimo Palma

Quantum information scrambling (QIS), from the perspective of quantum information theory, is generally understood as local non-retrievability of information evolved through some dynamical process, and is often quantified via entropic quantities such as the tripartite information. We argue that this approach comes with a number of issues, in large part due to its reliance on quantum mutual informations, which do not faithfully quantify correlations directly retrievable via measurements, and in part due to the specific methodology used to compute tripartite informations of the studied dynamics. We show that these issues can be overcome by using accessible mutual informations, defining corresponding ‘accessible tripartite informations’, and provide explicit examples of dynamics whose scrambling properties are not properly quantified by the standard tripartite information. Our results lay the groundwork for a more profound understanding of what QIS represents, and reveal a number of promising, as of yet unexplored, venues for further research.

Project manager
Irene Spagnul
Department of Physics
University of Trieste


Co-funded by the European Commission’s
Horizon Europe Programme under GA 101046973

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